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As the digital world continues to expand into every aspect of your business, many groups have seen the cost saving benefits of a digital signage solution. Digital signage can help your business quickly and effectively distribute your message to potential customers, employees and other eyes that may be passing by.

Rather than continually printing new signage when there is a new offering, or even a simple price change, digital media displays allow a user to quickly and easily change their message with a simple click of a button.  More than just a fancy look, digital signage also allow for cost savings by being able to rotate a message in a space that at one time could only hold one offering.

From retail to manufacturing, nonprofits to recreation destinations, digital signage continue to shift the way we interact with our customers. At Cornerstone we can help you design the signage solution that will work for your business. From concept to implementation, we will be with you every step of the way.

Cornerstone Information Technology Digital Media Displays
Cornerstone Information Technology Digital Advertising

Expand Your Reach

Advertising With Cornerstone Is Simple And Effective. Using our digital signage system, it is easy to have frequent content changes in line with the core marketing strategy of your business. Advantageously, consumers will see different, targeted messaging every time they visit the designated environment.

We have eye catching screens varying from 40” to 80” in size at the following locations throughout Central Wisconsin: Wausau Woodson, Weston Apsirus, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, and Port Edwards YMCA’s. As well as the Cedar Creek mall in Rothschild and El Tequila Salsa in Rib Mountain. If you are interested in learning more about Cornerstone Digital Advertisement, or would like to advertise with Cornerstone today, please contact us.

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