Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is one of those topics that a business owner never really wants to discuss. It could be loosely compared to a set of healthy parents needing to put a will together. While they know that it needs to be done, they don’t really want to think about it. However tough the topic may be to discuss, it is one of the most important components of a successful business plan. In the event that your business is blindsided with some form of disaster, Cornerstone Recovery makes it so that you do not have to miss a step.

Utilizing one of our tailored backup solutions, Cornerstone ensures the successful backup of a nightly image snapshot of your network, allowing us to recover entire servers to your new equipment in a matter of hours. Not only do we have the ability to recover entire servers, but also specific data files that may have accidentally been deleted or erased. The key to any disaster recovery plan is how fast it can be accomplished while assuring that there is no data loss in the process. We understand that the effects of these setbacks can be minor, or may leave your business in ruins if you don’t have a plan in place. At Cornerstone we pride ourselves in proper planning that will give you a peace of mind when it comes to disaster recovery and protection.

Cornerstone Information Technology Data Recovery
A comprehensive disaster recovery plan should include the following items:
  • Backups ran and verified on a regular nightly basis
  • A total of 3 sets of data represented at all times: local storage, local external storage, and offsite data storage
  • Scheduled file level restoration testing to ensure data being backed up is valid