ITaaS (IT as a Service)

Cornerstone has fast become an industry leader in providing businesses with solutions that create efficiency and security.  Our goal has always been to cultivate a relationship with our clients that is built on trust, so that we are able to help them develop and implement the plan to take their technology needs to the next level.

Part of that relationship includes providing your business with the specific tools needed to carry out your day to day operations.  Our IT as a Service (ITaaS) platform takes the concept of managed services to the next level, by providing your business or organization not only with the technical support to ensure your business runs smoothly, but also the actual hardware, licensing, and configuration of those items.  

  • One fixed monthly cost
  • All hardware included
  • All software included
  • All labor included
  • Antivirus included
  • Network documentation
  • License management
Cornerstone Information Technology ITaaS

One Fixed Price