Studies have shown that, compared to using a PSTN line, using VoIP can potentially save your business up to 40 % on local calls, and up to 90 % on international calls.

Our VoIP solution can be designed to accommodate your existing incoming service without boxing you in to that particular service, should your needs change in the future. VoIP can utilize SIP, PRI and traditional services at the same time. You can even combine technologies to protect against outages.

With our VoIP solution, you’ll never see per-user or per-feature fees. Do you need more conferences? Call queues? Adding more users or phones? It’s all there straight out of the box, and you’ll never need to pay a penny more to use it.

Cornerstone Information Technolgoy VoIP

• Automatic phone provisioning
• Call routing
• Cross-platform call control client
• Call conferencing
• Call queuing
• Electronic faxing- fax to email
• Group calling
• Scheduled call routing
• Web-based user portal
• SIP phone and provider support

• Follow-me
• Automated attendant
• Dial by name lookup
• Call Parking
• Active directory and LDAP integration
• Call monitoring, barging and bridging
• Web-based administrative interface
• Local users, groups and policies

• Automatic extensions and DID assignment
• Multi-site integration
• High availability
• Call center monitoring
• High definition voice quality
• Site to Site linking (IP based)
• Call recording
• Call monitoring
• E 911
• SIP trunking